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Part 5 - Mortise and Tenon Corner Braces

Apr 20, 2021

Part 4: Dovetail Tenons for the Tie Beams

Mar 26, 2021

Part 3: Joinery for the Upper Section of the Four Corner Posts

Oct 25, 2020

Part 2: Cutting the Timber Frame Joinery for the Floor Joists of the Tiny Timber Frame

Oct 20, 2020

Part 1: Cutting the Timber Frame Joinery for the Floor Sills of the Tiny Timber Frame

Oct 14, 2020

Tiny Timber Frame Intro

Oct 5, 2020

Abstractions and Vacations

Abstraction can be hard to define, but I believe it is a very important skill for developers to hone. I wrote an article detailing my experience with abstraction on the Zaengle blog and here are a few of the high points:

Abstraction is a kind of organization accomplished by delegating responsibilities and information so that each segment isn’t overwhelmed or doing more than its fair share.
Another benefit of abstraction is the freedom it gives to change the internals of a section of code without the fear of breaking larger application logic. If feature A is given input and returns specific output, does it really matter what happens while the logic is inside feature A? That gives me the freedom to design and adjust over time.
Abstraction is a dangerous tool if wielded improperly. A bad abstraction can keep you hopping back and forth in a codebase, scratching your head saying, “Where does this thing happen?

Read the entire article on the Zaengle blog →

Jul 14, 2020

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